The Dimensions

When duality split from the singularity it was very fluid. Consciousness only had to think something and it instantly manifested itself. There was very little separation compared to what we have now. Over time the separations became greater and more numerous. Although you can think of these different degrees of separation as being dimensions it is better to think of it as a dial on an analogue radio. There is no real distinction between the different dimensions; they merge into one another in much the same way as you can get interference on a radio when two stations share similar frequencies. Thus you might catch a glimpse of another dimension from this one. You might see or hear a ghost, or see a mythical creature.

The higher dimensions are more vibrant and colourful than the lower ones. The frequency is higher and has a shorter wave form giving it a faster vibration. Objects appear to be made of light. You may even have come across the concept of a light body, a body literally made of light. In actual fact all matter is simply energy vibrating at different speeds, and light is no different. All energy has consciousness, and since all matter is energy there is no matter without consciousness. Nothing can come into being without it first being thought of. In reality there is only consciousness, our physical world is just a manifestation of it, a display of the accumulation of all the thought forms that have brought us this far. Thought forms manifest themselves, and when they have outlived their usefulness they transform into a new form, building on the experiences of what went before.

Concepts are passed from the higher dimensions to the lower ones, stepping down the frequencies and becoming more elaborate as they go. As they interact with a lower dimension the higher dimensions receive feedback, like ripples in a pond. From the smallest scale to the largest you will see patterns repeating themselves, although some fine details of the pattern may be unique to each replication. The Mandelbrot set, a mathematical model devised by Benoît Mandelbrot gives a great visual representation of this. Following a set of mathematical principles a two dimensional fractional shape is generated. If you magnify the shape however you will see that the shape is made up of smaller shapes that are almost identical, and these shapes in turn are made from similar shapes. You could go on magnifying the shape forever and never reach the end. It is in fact a type of feedback loop, like pointing a video camera at the display which is outputting the feed. Reality is based on cycles of patterns repeating themselves, but changing slightly each time. This is why astrology works (if done properly). Cosmological patterns are reflected in earthly ones, but because the cosmos is so large these patterns are easier for us to study. Studying these patterns can give us a good indication of what to expect from the smaller ones.

All of us visit other frequencies, although not all of us will be remember our adventures there. When we incarnate on a lower frequency we send a part of ourselves into the lower frequency while the rest of us stays living at the higher frequency. In effect we have multiple existences on multiple frequencies, but the denser frequencies appear so real and become so engrossing that they tend to be all encompassing, and our lives on the higher frequencies become less real and we usually forget them. When we die we return to our life on the next highest frequency with the memories and experiences of the life we have just left. At this point the memory of our past life returns. It is like a dream, when we are in the dream state we believe things that are impossible or do not make sense in our earthly lives. Different rules apply on the higher frequencies.  When we return from our dream state our dreams rapidly fade and most dreams are forgotten. In actual fact our dreams are travels to other frequencies, and they are essential to the regeneration of our bodies and mind. Without sleep we would not be able to continue to live here, we would degenerate and die.

We do not only visit these other frequencies during our sleep, other frequencies can be visited at other times too. Some people can switch between their different lives at will, they may be aware of multiple existences at once. Drugs have historically been used to help the journey to other frequencies and continue to be used for this purpose today. People suffering from mental illness may also have experiences of other realities while being conscious in this one, leading people to believe that they are experiencing things that are not real as what they are experiencing cannot be perceived by observers in this reality.

©2012 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.


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