Our Current Reality

Time and space do not actually exist, they are an illusion. When you switch your awareness, there you are. Without awareness there can be neither time nor space. Since matter cannot exist without consciousness in order for there to be space there must first be awareness. In order for there to be time there must first be a movement of matter changing its state of being. The illusion of time is brought about by different points of awareness interacting with each other. You might be a rock travelling through space or being slowly eroded by the rain over millennia. You might be a mayfly experiencing your entire adult life in just a few short minutes.

Rules about time travel are irrelevant since awareness can travel to any place at any time. Time is experienced by your awareness switching from one state to another, but in reality everything is available to be experienced at any point you wish. Everything is being experienced concurrently by some point of your awareness at all times. In actual fact you shouldn’t even think of this as travelling, but more in terms of splitting your awareness so that one part of yourself experiences itself as being separate from and unaware of the other. Your highest self really doesn’t have a concept of time and space because it experiences everything and every time all at once. It doesn’t change, it is what it is.

Humans have devised all kinds of calendars to chart their seeming progress through time. All these calendars must be based on the observation of some kind of change in the world around us. Often the passage of the sun and moon has been used, but other systems have broadened their horizon to encompass larger parts of the observable universe. By incorporating more of what is around us a calendar becomes more accurate, and by observing the larger cycles of space a calendar becomes more inclusive.

The Mayan calendar is based on cogs of different sizes, a small cog inside a larger one inside one that is larger still.

Count Length Days
Kin 1 day 1
Uinal 20 Kins 20
Tun 18 Uinals 360
Katun 20 Tuns 7200
Batkun 20 Katuns 144000


All of creation is made from fractals. The same pattern is repeated on large and small scales, the macrocosm and microcosm reflect each other. It should be no surprise that astrology has been used by humans for many years to make sense of the world. Although there may be no direct link between the motion of the planets through space and our own personal lives they are based on the same blueprint, and are thus simply reflections of each other. Even a calendar based on nothing in particular would have significance for the people using it. Their own belief in the calendar would give it meaning, creating synchronicities for certain important dates.

All matter in its simplest form is energy. Light is an example of energy moving at a fast vibration. If light were slowed down however it would become denser and if vibrating at the right frequency could take on the appearance of something more solid, a rock for example. By the same measure, if you take a solid object and increase its frequency it will become more fluid, less defined, and more flexible.

A single space can contain many dimensions, one overlaid on another, or one inside another. Like turning a dial on a radio you can tune in to one dimension or another depending on the frequency you choose to resonate at.

The world we see around us is a hologram. It is not “out there”, it is a projection from within ourselves. When you study an atom you find that it is made up almost entirely from empty space, and just like a hologram each part contains the whole. You could compare an atom to a solar system, the concept is the same, the scale is just much smaller.

To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour” William Blake

The you that still lives at a higher frequency may have sent more than one component of itself into the lower frequencies. When you send a component of yourself into a lower frequency it splits into two opposite polarities, this is the concept of the twin flame and leads us on a search to find and reconnect with our other half. There may be more than one part of yourself living a human life on earth, or you might have other lives on the same frequency but in distant parts of the universe. In turn, the you at the higher frequency may also be one of many living at that frequency and itself has a higher self. You can think of it as a pyramid with your highest self at the top splitting itself into more and more components as you move down towards the bottom of the pyramid.

When we are born we start the long process of integrating ourselves with the “realities” of the third dimension. We learn its rules and what things are expected of us. A new born baby does not understand that when an object is covered up it still exists even though it can’t be seen, this perception is learned. Mums like to play peek-a-boo with their babies to teach them this concept, covering their face with their hands and then taking their hands away and saying “peek-a-boo”. What might it be like then to live in a world where things manifest as desired and return to the source when they are no longer needed?

Death is an illusion. It is simply the transformation of our form from one state of being to another. At death we find ourselves still living, but without our physical earthly body. We may stay and observe the third dimension, we may choose to travel to a different dimension, or we may be reborn into another third dimensional body.

The universe is based on love, for that is what it was created from. Nothing can exist without love, for nothing can be created without love, and no form can continue to exist without it. Different people love all kinds of different things. It’s like Marmite, what one person loves another may hate or find strange, but you will always find love behind any creation. This is the basis of the law of attraction; we attract things to us that we love. Why then do things happen to us that we don’t like? Well maybe there are some unconscious thoughts and feelings that might explain it. Some people love to get angry, maybe it provides a welcome break from mundane life. Someone like this might create reasons to be angry, but not have the slightest clue that they are doing it. Maybe someone has felt hurt by rejection in the past, and so they create relationships for themselves that have no chance of working out because they love the feeling of safety that this brings from the prospect of being rejected by someone they are close to. We must recognise that we create the world around us and take personal responsibility for our creations. If we don’t like what we see we must examine ourselves deeply to understand why we are creating these things, and then focus instead on the creations we would prefer.

Synchronicity is our cosmic alarm clock. It prompts us to remember who we are, and to question the world around us. Many synchronicities can be written off as ‘chance’, but once you notice them they get stronger and stronger until you don’t really have an excuse to deny them any longer. Nothing ever really happens accidently, but sometimes an experience will be so out of the ordinary that it rouses you from the deep sleep you are in and causes you to question your reality.

©2012 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.



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