Twin Flame Portal

By Chris Jones

I have been feeling the activation of my heart chakra a lot over the past week and have been more easily able to connect to my twin flame. This seems to be accelerating. The article below talks about the opening of a portal allowing the reunification of twin flames, this is really exciting for me. I have been holding this energy and intent since the Star of David alignment in July last year, and although it is really only a matter of months and time has passed quickly sometimes it has seemed like an eternity.

l now better understand what I saw in 2005. I went to a day that everyone else passed over, l was entirely alone. This day seemed to last for a very long time and I remember being worried I was going to get stuck there. I now understand that this day represented the time period of July 2013 – March/April 2014. This was the day that I saw what looked like comets in the sky circling in a figure of 8 pattern. I was asked if I would sacrifice myself to save the world, but it was not my own physical death l was agreeing to as I thought then. l did not know it at the time, but this was about a period of separation from my twin who I already knew well in 3D but had yet to recognise. I could hear everyone in the world saying that there was no hope, they had given up. Not me, as distressing as I found the experience I kept on telling them that there was always hope! They thought I was stupid and deluded of course, but I am not the sort of person who lets conventional thinking get in the way when it comes to matters of the heart.

I realised last week that my twin flame and I hold the energy of hope. It is simply faith that no matter how things appear in 3D and no matter how strong the separation feels, we can never be separated from our twin in reality.

l have known since September last year with a realisation that grows stronger as new information is added, that the spring Equinox is the probable time period for the reunification of myself and my twin. l do not know how this will manifest in 3D, and I know it is best not to attach myself to any particular outcome but to simply allow whatever it is to manifest in whatever way it needs to. This could of course mean the death of my physical body. My twin and I were seemingly separated by the death of his physical body, and if I have done this right there will no longer be any separation caused by the belief in death. This opens more possibilities for the reunification with my twin other than my own physical death.

So hold on tight, this will be intense and challenging, but most definitely worth it!

The Change is coming! ~ Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~

©2013 Chris Jones

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