Articles on Twin Flames

I have noticed that after quite a few months where other topics have taken centre stage, the topic of twin flames is coming up again. I am taking this as a good omen that the reunification of the world above and the world below really is close at hand now. I have just watched two videos on twin flames.

The first video I know is true, because it is what I intuitively felt on reading the title of the video and thinking about the way the reunification with my twin happened:

In Twin Flame Relationships ~Who Knows First? The Masculine or the Feminine? by Dr. Cha~zay

The second video is focused around something I saw back in 2005 but never fully understood at the time. There are levels of frequency at which this can be viewed or experienced, and this depiction represents all levels. It is the concept of watching your whole world being destroyed completely. In the depiction in the video and it is quite literal, an asteroid or similar body coming in and destroying a planet – your whole world! What I saw was the same, except that I was on the planet at the time watching from a clifftop. In my actual experience of it in 3D this is what it felt like, this twin flame stuff isn’t  always quite how you imagined it would be! The masculine energy sweeps in and obliterates what went before. The twins hold hands throughout this process. Nothing can stop this wave, not even the twins themselves and they are together, holding hands, resolute in their love for each other. The masculine clears the way for the new, the femanine nurtures the seed and feeds it until something new and wonderful is born, the rising of the phoenix if you wilk. Both may have been holding back out of fear of the destruction their love would inevitibly cause, but this is the key to the new world, the genesis of what is to come:

Beloved Twin Flame Love by Dwaine Hartman

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