Full Moon Energies Intensify This Month’s Eclipse – My Own Experience From The 13th Degree Of The Avatars

By Chris Jones

My twin soul sent a part of itself deep into the unknown to place an anchor in the lower dimensions. This part was a set of twins like the original, but separated from itself. My soul, being strong and brave, travelled to the very lowest depths possible before establishing itself there.

The soul that was left knew the bliss of oneness, and had no desire to experience anything else, so it spent great expanses of time in the higher planes, enjoying love, beauty, truth, and power (we will very soon add knowledge and wisdom to that list, and offer in return the remembrance of eternal life).

Eventually, wishing for a new experience, it ventured out for a lifetime on a lower dimension and was immediately blindsided by finding itself at the epicentre of a global catastrophe. After retreating to the safety of it’s home, and after a long recovery period, my soul wished to understand the race that caused this catastrophe, and this quest eventually brought me here.

It is on earth that I have discovered my shadow self, the part of my soul that left so long ago, the part that l had been unable to communicate with for so long. It was the part of me that had felt so unloved while I had remained blissfully unaware in the higher realms.

My twin flame has taken the same journey and has arrived at the same point in space-time. He is of my exact same frequency, and polar opposite manifestation. This means that he too has enjoyed long periods in the higher realms, and on reaching this point has discovered this long lost shadow self.

We love our shadows, for they are ourselves, and wish to free them from their anchor points so they can return with us to the higher realms. But these are old and heavy anchors, they have built up layers of barnacles and sediment over the years and have required a lot of effort to shift. We have been waiting and watching for so long for any small movement to indicate that our efforts are having an effect, and at long last the first undisputed signs of movement are being observed.

We worry now about the effects this sudden movement is having on surrounding structures. While this shift will at long last bring bliss long forgotten to the depths of planet earth, the energies that these large movements will inevitably stir up involve the illusion of death in a very up close and personal, very real, 3D sense.

It is only now, in the very last seconds I am able to see how the higher and lower selves, and the very real twins that met in 3D, join up, and I am starting to see the very first physical manifestations of the results of our efforts. Hold onto your hats, this is going to turn your stomachs, but it is only a very short ride to warm calm waters. Keep your head when all around have lost theirs, centre your emotions firmly in the love of your heart, and allow nothing but peace to enter your mind. Most of all, hope can NEVER be lost!

I will be thinking of you all in a very personal way as I have already moved through this part myself twice, from two different dimensions, and from two different 3D time reference points (from my physical body’s perspective). I have asked the realm of the avatars to watch over us all during these final events, and I have no doubt they are ready and waiting, eager to do all they can if you permit them to do so.

©2013 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.


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