Additional Explanation, My Recent Physical Experience

By Chris Jones

So, just a quick update on the physical manifestations I have been personally experiencing in relation to the breakdown of the illusion of death referenced in my last article, just to ensure that none of you are now thinking again of worldwide cataclysm – this is NOT going to happen.

I asked during meditation for the energy of the violet flame to clear my physical body of any remaining old energies. This request was answered very directly and quickly. A couple of my friends came down with sickness & dihorrea. My body picked it up but manifested it as a mild sickness for a little over a week, and then all hell kicked off!

I am no stranger to horrible painful bowel problems having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis four years ago, but I have controlled it until now only through diet, and have remained blissfully mostly symptom free the whole time. Then I picked up what was most likely the Norrovirus bug which has been floating around this year (it comes in four year cycles and was most likely what kicked all this off originally, that and poor diet over a number of years). Having anticipated the pain of processing food through an increasingly inflamed gut I had stopped all food for an intended very short period to allow me time to see if I would get over it on my own.I became extremely nauseous the next day and didn’t want to eat a thing, but mostly wasn’t actually sick. My body temperatured soared. When I reached day three with no improvement, and becoming dehydrated dispite drinking plenty of water I knew I would need a saline IV quick. I phoned the flare hotline for the first time ever and they had me in hospital right away. It took all the energy I could muster to pack and get into a taxi I was so fatigued.

l explained that I strongly suspected I had picked up Stomach Flu, but processing took longer than it should. I was put into isolation, but whether spread from me or others arriving with similar symptoms my ward had come down with it by the next afternoon.

The worst was that they had admitted me to the Acute Medical Unit containing lots of old, already very sick people. I could hear them all, it was horrendous.The nurses were wonderful. We had one really frantic day with everyone rushing around as the ward was shut down, but thankfully we haven’t lost anyone.

I am really pleased that there have been no scaremongering news stories. This has been expertly dealt with and contained, and although we remain locked down, peace has returned very quickly.

I have been pumped so full of the conventional drugs I try so hard to avoid it is unbelievable, but it has worked. I felt so much better almost immediately, and if ignored much longer this would most likely have killed me. My colonoscopy has showed that although my diet has allowed me to remain symptom free all these years, the colitis has most likely been simmering away under the surface all that time.

I would like to try using bicarbonate of soda to nail this once and for all, but to get me stabilised IV antibiotics and steroids plus other drugs are doing a marvelous job.

So I am using the time for rest and relaxation which my body really needed right now. l intend to take the time I need to get properly well, and refuse to worry about being needed at work (work have been very supportive).

©2013 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.

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