The Aku and the Dracu as One

I don’t fit into boxes, I don’t think I ever have. Whenever I find myself in a box I always seem to find myself with a toe or arm stuck outside. I think I sometimes like to define myself and fit myself into a box just for the fun of breaking out of it! I don’t think there is anything wrong with boxes, so long as we know that they are not us. It can be fun to try out a box, it’s like playing with the dressing up box when we were kids. Perhaps we might pretend to be a brave fireman, or a nurse, or a rock star, but we don’t need to feel constrained by the roles we try on, we are much bigger than our boxes and there are always plenty more costumes to try.

People often talk about what it means to be in this dimension or that, in a way these are just more boxes. I do not believe that there is a big line between the dimensions separating one from the other, they all merge into one another and so which dimension we are experiencing can be quite subjective at times. Add to that confusion the fact that that as reawakening multidimensional beings we can experience more than one dimension simultaneously. Our emotional or mental body might be having a fifth dimensional experience, but how then would you relate that to the experience the physical body is having? What about when you expand that to include the physical experience on a global scale? Our physical bodies are the slowest to change and might take years to catch up to the highest experiences our consciousness has been enjoying separate from the physical body, but each part of ourselves has an effect on the other, and each finds its own balance.

I think a lot of the time when people talk about what dimension we are experiencing they are talking about our global collective physical experience. The physical world has not yet reached the point where the rules have become malleable enough for us to be able to levitate as a common experience, or to be able to change our appearance according to our thoughts. On the whole we still need to spend a certain amount of time and effort on simple, practical, day to day tasks, such as feeding our bodies and keeping them clean. However, the world has changed a huge amount over the past 100 years, and the pace has picked up over this time to the point where we seem to be experiencing large changes on almost a daily basis. You can see that first there is a new idea about something which gets passed around and gains support. It affects people in different ways, and they add their feelings to it and it expands into an elaborate framework comprised of numerous inputs. The idea takes on a form as people respond to it until it starts to have an effect on our everyday lives, on our physical form. In this way a new concept may be passed right from the galactic centre itself, via the seraphim and angels, to the planets and stars, to the gods of legend and ascended masters, to make their way onto our world stage via the people themselves. In this way new ideas gradually incorporate themselves into our everyday lives.

You cannot argue that we have experienced extreme separation in the third dimension. Having come from this reality the experiences of the higher dimension do indeed seem blissful, and seem like shining examples of oneness that we all aspire to. However, until we reach the experience of being all possible potentials with no concept existing outside of us, nothing that is not part of our awareness in the now, there is separation. We can have the experience of being in a place where everyone knows they are part of the one, but while we are experiencing ourselves as a part we are not being the one.

The RA Material explains the two paths of being, service to self, and service to other self. According to the RA Material, at some point (the 5th dimension according to the understanding of this source) it becomes impossible to progress higher on the service to self path. At this point entities must switch to the service to others path in order to progress. After much pondering on this point I have come to the conclusion that this is because at this point the polarities are so close that putting oneself before others results in immediate consequences for the entity practicing this path. In order to progress one must consider others as well as self, and that I think is the key and the highest realisation any self can make. One can progress on the service to other self path, and may continue to progress in this manner all the way to the highest dimensions, but this path lacks that which makes survival in the lowest dimensions possible. One can progress from the very lowest dimensions on the service to self path up to a point, but this path is lacking that which makes survival possible in the highest dimensions. In order to have the full range of experience, an entity must obtain what is often referred to as ‘balance’, that is, they must come to the realisation that service to other self IS service to self. Whether you are doing others a service or a disservice, you are doing it to yourself.

The goal of the genetic experiment we call humanity is to join the Aku (the angelic/higher/service to other self realms), with the Draku (the reptilian/lower/service to self realms), to enable a full range of consious experience. The key to this is to obtain a balance between self-sacrifice and self-service, for neither makes sense to the exclusion of the other. You might like to ponder this by thinking about the origins of our universe, which even the highest channelled messages will claim has been passed down through mythology rather than by direct experience. First there was dark, unconsciousness, no concept of self (0 – The Void), then there was light, consciousness, an awareness of self (1 – God), then the one became two and could observe itself, and from this came all other numbers and patterns (2 – Twin Flames). The void is all potential, everything that could possibly be imagined, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ from the perspective of our duality thinking that we have become so good at. This is where the Dracu come from. To them other self makes no sense as they know that there is no other self. Anything seemingly outside of themselves is an illusion, so they think there is no harm in exploiting their illusion for their own benefit. All else comes from the light and starts with a concept of self, a single idea from the potential of the void exploring itself, the Aku. From this perspective you can see that the Dracu and the Aku are indeed one. The Dracu came first, the Aku is a claim of self-definition, but that self-definition may be added to if desired by drawing on the potential still existing within the void, the knowledge of which is still held by the Dracu themselves!

This is the struggle between the Aku and the Dracu, a method of self-definition. It is the call that each of us feels to pull experience and understanding from the subconscious to become more than we know ourselves to be, the call to evolution.

©2013 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.

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