Merging with Soul

I do not believe that the use of ‘the ego’ (I will refer to it as our personality to save confusion over definitions – and we can have more than one to choose from) is possible whilst experiencing oneness. It is very useful if our soul wishes to have more experiences in the 3rd and 4th dimensions however. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘why the hell would I choose to come back again once I have remembered oneness,’ and I certainly can’t blame you for thinking that at this point, this thought occurs to me too from time to time! But after a long rest in the higher dimensions we may wish to come back for another adventure here, and indeed, the lower dimensions do offer a very physical, tangible experience that you just don’t get in the higher dimensions. There are many wonderful experiences that can be had here. This is why we came here and what we’ve worked so hard for, to be able to experience the lower dimensions while remembering our oneness (and therefore avoid getting ‘trapped’ here), and our 3rd dimensional personality is simply a tool that we use to have this experience.

By Kara

“If you are still called to make changes in your life, please do so, for things will just get more uncomfortable till you do. Why? Because your Soul is practically demanding you merge with It; your Divinity. Some want to know how to merge with Soul. First, realize that you are always connected to Soul at the Soul Matrix within your Heart Chakra. Yet, the New requires merge; not just connection. Feel the difference? Merging with Soul dissolves separate ego into Soul. (We do not get rid of ego, for it is through evolved ego that Soul expresses mentally, emotionally and physically.) Getting rid of ego is not the way, for then we cannot express Soul.”

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