GAIA – The Earth & Water Trine

Via Louise James

“You understand dear ones, that the energy that has been coming in at this moment is known as the Water Trine and the Earth Trine, and is rather unique. And many have brought forward their observations, their guesswork, their understandings of what exactly is to be done. ‘Oh it is to ground the Earth energy, for one must ground the Earth energy’. No, one must release the Earth energy and ground the Water, ground the Water energy, for this is the fluid energy of change and when you release and allow the ground energy or the Earth energy to be in what we would call a state of float or a state of higher tension, what you are doing is allowing this trine to be in a position of unification, of gravitational reverse that you may begin to see the fluctuations of energy upon this land as a whole across the world. And watch the waters change, watch how it effects the grounding of the Water Trine or in other words, allow the gold to be fluid and the fluid silver to be solid.

Allow yourselves to do the opposite to what you think should be done. And because in doing that which you believe should always be done because it’s always been done this way and this is the right way to do things, does not always bring about the best results.”

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