From Head to Heart – The Walls of The Prison

I’m sure many people think of our world as a prison, that is how it has seemed from our current vantage point. It is a game however, and we choose to play whether we remember so or not. The challenge is to remember our true selves from within the game (by remembering love). The game has an automated end point where we all wake up or ‘ascend’, so no soul really ever gets trapped here. Indeed, our soul is more than capable of waking us up whenever it wants to through the other get out clause, ‘death’! Death needs to seem scary, otherwise, who would stay and see things through? People who have had near death experiences often report that despite appearances it is a blissful experience, and they loose their fear of death.

By John McIntosh

“The myriad of spiritual paths are full of mental ways and means to attain Freedom and Peace and identification with these ‘ways and means’ becomes ever harder to recognize as more and more PHENOMENA shows up in their lives masquerading as evidence that Freedom or Awakening or Enlightenment is near.”

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