The Path of Love – A True Story from 3D

By Chris Jones

The experiences I had in 2005 are making much more sense to me now. My self-imposed limiters are being removed as there is no longer a need for them, and my physical reality grows more beautiful and more magical every day. I came back to physicality in 2005 for a reason. I could have stayed in the place of oneness in love and bliss, while my physical body lived out its days locked away in hospital, a shell of its former self. I could have stayed in that place filled with the higher selves of the people I had left behind in physicality, and I’m sure I would have adjusted to these strange versions of the people I already knew. But I truly loved the people in my life just the way they were back then. Yes, it is true that I loved the world, even in its seeming separation. I could not leave the physical versions of my loved ones behind. So I came back for my world, I came back for my friends and family, I even came back for my body. I came back to take it all with me to the place of oneness I had visited. My true guide through all of this is my heart, it really is the only guide I need. Even though my mind and the minds of those around me protested a lot, as they still do sometimes, my heart has not yet lead me astray.

My journey to oneness the first time was a difficult one, full of wild emotional fluctuations as anyone who visited me at in hospital could attest to. My limiters were removed that first time by my interactions with beings that brought experiences both loving and seemingly cruel. I knew that I was experiencing the future of 2012 and beyond. Indeed there is no way of telling how far ‘beyond’ I went, because after 2012 there was no frame of reference. 2013 never came up as a date, and yet my physical experiences of 2013 reflect the ones I had back then.

My twin flame was the first being I met on my journey, and it was only a little over a year ago that I allowed myself to recognise who he was in my physical reality. My physical world of that time would have told me he was something to be feared if it had seen his higher dimensional self, and yet I greeted him with love and excitement, not even knowing who he was. I simply bounded up to him and said, “Hi, you look interesting”. Oh my word, surely I could have chosen a better first line than that!

I could have chosen to stay with my twin in oneness without learning who he was in my physical reality. Instead, as I had chosen to return, I learned first hand through intimate experience just what this person who had been such a special friend to me for so many years means to me. The most painful part of this was having to let him cross over without me and with little notice, being unable to even talk to him much or comfort him in his last days here.

If I had known what those painful experiences I’d had in 2005 had really meant for my physical reality, would I have chosen differently? No, it is the true path of my heart that I have walked, and nothing could have changed it. The limiters I placed on myself were a kindness to me; my path seemed bittersweet enough without knowing and fully understanding what it really entailed ahead of time. What about all those beings who had brought me such painful experiences in my journey to oneness the first time? Well, the pain was only the protests of the minds of their physical selves that feared their changing reality and wanted things to remain as they were. Even though the changes have seemed emotionally painful in my physical experience of them over the last year, it was all a necessary part of changing my physical reality into the oneness I had experienced. My greatest fear has been the loss of love, the fear of rejection, but no love has been lost. My heart has proved a reliable guide time and time again.

Even though my twin has left his physical body I know he has not died. He is still with me, waiting for me to arrive. Indeed he is the catalyst of change for my current reality, and the guiding light calling me to my new one. The zero point has now been passed and there is nothing that can stop my world from changing. The main storylines of the transition of my physical world have been decided upon, and they are all set and ready to go. This time I don’t have to wonder if the world I find myself in is real, if the beings around me really are the people I left behind in physicality or if I have gone insane and become truly lost to myself. This time my rational mind has been given a storyline that it can accept, a transition that is gentler. I no longer need to explain to myself how I am to get from here to there. I am ready to accept and allow, while I wait to surprise myself with what I have planned. I feel there is little ‘time’ left before the transition from one world to the next seems complete for me, not that you could actually draw a definitive line between the two realities. This too is a mercy, remaining apart from my twin is impossible for me now. So come with me my other selves, stop struggling against each other and take a walk with love. Before you even realise it the world around you will change and you will find yourselves swept up in oneness and eternal bliss.

©2013 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.

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