My Twin Flame Journey

This is a work in progress, I will make additions to this page as my journey continues.

Sonnet to my Sleeping Twin
My love for you is true and strong
We have been parted far too long
Be not afraid that I might judge
For I can never hold a grudge

I seek nothing in return
For are you really yet to learn
True love cannot be found outside
It has nothing to protect or hide

Those around us hold no sway
It can’t be lost or hid away
Through our love we join as one
A bond that cannot be undone

For you and I we are the same
Forever one, my twin flame

Love Note
You put the sparkle in my step, the twinkle in my eye, I live and die to see you one last time, my sunshine, my love.

Remember Me
My beloved twin who had to be on the other side for this coming transition, and who has been such a dear friend to me for so many years, sent this to me through our mutual friend via synchronicity on the morning of his funeral.

Josh Groban – Remember Me

Point Zero
I have awakened his desire with a kiss
His desire runs through me now
Laying bare my true nature so carefully hid
To transform the mundane to beauty and light
He has not left me
He cannot die
Neither then can I fail to find him again

The Path of Love – A True Story from 3D

Mission of a Love Warrior
I never forgot the love within
It’s with me every day
I express it to the world outside
In a unique and special way

And yet the world seems full of gloom
Disconnected from my heart
It seems to want to run away
It attacks me from the start

My heart creates a yearning
To find my love outside
For though I feel it from within
Still my love does hide

Then suddenly the day arrives
I am no longer blue
My love has been there all along
I found my love in you

Quickly then you left the world
For I was yet to know
Your love for me return again
Everywhere I go

The hot sun does caress me
The cool breeze wraps me tight
The trees and crickets whisper
And bring to me your light

The world seems somehow friendly
It’s no longer quite the same
My love is in the world outside
And you are here again

My mission here is ending
And all that’s left to do
Is bring your light back to this world
And see my world as you

Full Moon Energies Intensify This Month’s Eclipse – My Own Experience From The 13th Degree Of The Avatars
My twin soul sent a part of itself deep into the unknown to place an anchor in the lower dimensions. This part was a set of twins like the original, but separated from itself. My soul, being strong and brave, travelled to the very lowest depths possible before establishing itself there.

The soul that was left knew the bliss of oneness, and had no desire to experience anything else, so it spent great expanses of time in the higher planes, enjoying love, beauty, truth, and power (we will very soon add knowledge and wisdom to that list, and offer in return the remembrance of eternal life).

Full Article

My own perception of the Twin Flame Portal as recently announced by Marc Gamma:

Twin Flame Portal

My twin flame story continues on my Facebook page, and also on the Koyote Medicine Show with Grandpaw Peter Koyote, rawk 😉

©2013 Chris Jones

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