Tetrahedron Merkaba Stargate In Our Skies on Monday, 29 July

Here is a timetable for tomorrow’s alignments based on this article By Carol Ann Ciocco. I have added London times (British Summer Time – BST) for those in or near to the UK. Please see the actual article for full details.

01:43 EDT / 06:43 BST: Moon enters Taurus – Stargate opens
09:45 EDT / 14:45 BST: Moon sextile Neptune – Star of David is activated
10:41 EDT / 15:41 BST: Moon opposite Saturn
13:43 EDT / 18:43 BST: MOON SQUARE SUN – Star Tetrahedron is activated
15:12 EDT / 20:12 BST: Moon sextile Jupiter
17:48 EDT / 22:48 BST: Moon trine Venus – Merkaba is activated
19:17 EDT / 00:17 BST: Moon trine Pluto
22:09 EDT / 03:09 BST: Moon sextile Mars – Stargate closes

Full Article

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