Leaving The Hologram and Releasing Time

I haven’t had the dream of a lightship as described in this article, and when I did go travelling back in 2005 it didn’t involve a ship or even any guides. However, I did experience the freezing of time in my 3D reality on numerous occasions, usually around the same time each day. This article does give some interesting ideas for techniques that can be used, and it certainly challenges the way we perceive our 3D reality.

By Suzanne Lie

“I will now guide you into an expanded version of this exercise. I say exercise because this experience was merely a lesson for you to realize that you could leave time and return without ever appearing to have left. In this manner, you will begin to remember how to bi-locate from 3D Earth to your higher frequency realities. When you bi-locate you appear to be in both realities at once, but you have shifted your dominant state of consciousness from one reality to another.”

Full Article

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