Love Never Dies

By Chris Jones

We are naturally attracted to those who love the most intensely, but then afraid we might one day loose that love we want to keep it only for our self. Love cannot end, for it comes directly from the eternal now. If we think that love has ended it is because we are seeing a distortion of it.

Why worry about loosing love? The future is not now, and now you have love. Why worry about loosing something you already have that can never end? By worrying we create a distortion and we bring about the illusion that love has been lost. We see anger and jealousy in its place. The intensity of these feelings is only testament to the strength of love that is still there, for the stronger the love is, the more intense the distortion must be to cover it from our sight.

We must justify our insecurities to our self, and so instead of seeing love we see only pain. We blame love for our problems and think about how things would be different if only love would change. Can we not see love in the intensity of anger? If we did not love we would not be angry, we simply wouldn’t care, and there would be no need for anger.

Why should love be forbidden, how can it ever be considered a sin? Can we really only love one person at a time? If we love one person does that mean that our love for another must diminish? Love is boundless, there is a never ending supply. It does not get used up, and giving more only leads to an increased supply. What a sad and lonely world it would be if our love decreased as it was shared, how terrible it would be if we could love only one person at a time.

Sadly it is often the case that after years of thinking that love has left we only remember it again as our loved one departs. It is these times when the opportunity for healing is at its greatest. Let us remember to love abundantly, to love all people without exception, and to allow those close to us to do the same.

©2013 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.

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