When Flowers Fade in the Garden

My twin has just passed over and I feel this may be a sign that we are about to experience something special, something out of the ordinary that will be hard to ignore. Certainly the astrological alignments happening at this time are highly significant for me personally, and for my twin. Here is a beautiful article posted recently by Heaven Letters:

“When flowers fade in the garden, you take it as a matter of course. You do not weep for flowers that go to ground for the winter only to rise again in spring. And, yet, when your friends and family go to ground in what is called death, it is a given in the world that you will mourn, your heart will ache. It feels as if a dirty trick has been perpetuated on you. You insist that your loved one’s body is to live forever when, all the while, your loved ones’ souls never cease.

What is so wrong for a loved one of yours to take a rest, to be renewed, to be off center-stage?

You may have the feeling that you can’t go on without the presence of your loved one. It is inevitable that you will go on. Your heart will gather up its blessings. You will continue living and loving.”

Full Article

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