Winter Solstice 2012, 21st December 2012

By Chris Jones

Well, the “all important” date of 21st Dec 2012 is tomorrow. There are only a few things I can say which I am sure about. There is an important astronomical alignment with the galactic centre of the Milky Way which happens once every 26,000 years as part of the Earth’s processional cycle. On this date the position of our Sun from the vantage point of the Earth shifts backwards through the signs of the zodiac and lines up with the galactic centre. But the actual date, 21st Dec 2012, simply marks the halfway point of a transition taking up a much larger period and starting over 30 years ago.

There have certainly been events leading up to this date which have caused large shifts in the global consciousness and we can expect this to continue for many years after this date. Maybe the significance of this date will only be apparent on looking back on it in tens or even hundreds of years’ time, then again, maybe something more significant will happen on the date itself. We can only speculate, and there are certainly many different ideas out there about what might happen on this date. Whatever does or doesn’t actually happen on this date we haven’t got long to wait to find out, happy solstice everyone.

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