An Almond Tree Cannot Bear Peaches

Heavenletter #4399

“It is better to be satisfied with someone you love than dissatisfied. From the goodness of your heart, you may want a loved one to change, and, yet, the only person you can change is yourself. Surely, you have learned this already.

How does a plant grow? By watering and sunshine. You can’t order a plant to grow. You can’t order a flower to bloom. You can’t order a tree to bear fruit. You can love an almond tree. You can not ask it to become a peach tree.

In what you desire for another, you may be absolutely right. Nevertheless, it is not your place to demand. Your choice is to nourish. You cannot demand change from another. You can demand change only from yourself. It is not for you to give commands. It is for you to love and bless. Love and blessing come first. Love and blessing work wonders. If you really want to help someone grow, then love them. Love them as they are, and they will grow. There is nothing like love to nourish.”

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