The importance of profound self honesty

By Chris Bourne

“Self introspection has always come naturally for some reason. My father was quite a controlling guy so I’d continually be presented the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ about why I did certain things and not others. In my teenage years, it seemed like a curse, the mind playing endless strategic games always to stay one step ahead.

When I awakened, the divine feminine unfolded pretty rapidly. To be perfectly frank, that side of me had been buried and underactive for ages. Now total self acceptance happened practically over-night. I no longer had the need for people to think of me in this light or that. What a liberating blessing!

What I also found, was that the years of ‘Spanish Inquisition’ also became a blessing, because I was totally used to watching my motivations for action – why was I really doing this or that? But stripped of the external (indeed internal) judge, I discovered I could be honest about what was going on, yet accepting of why I was doing it.”

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