REAL Telepathy in REAL LOVE

By Earth Ally Will Harader

“Now, people have some beliefs about telepathy that get in the way of them hearing all the telepathic communication that’s being broadcast directly to them in this very Moment. Telepathy is not some parlor trick, it’s far more than talking to someone through the mind. In fact, if you’re only using the mind to do it, it’s not going to work. Telepathic communication is done through feelings, not words. You can sometimes translate the feelings into words, but the words are always going to be a limited interpretation of the feelings. It’s through the Heart that we feel, and it’s no coincidence that’s also our connection to Everything. Everything has it’s own unique vibrations, it’s own unique feeling, so getting in touch with one’s Heart and the more subtle feelings contained within, are key to developing telepathic communication.”

Full Article

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