By Earth Star Network

“Earth Star Network is an earth-based communications network for the spiritually awake, who are fulfilling their mission to shine pure love and informational light into the collective consciousness of humanity.

Our mission is to provide a communications grid that will enable fully awakened lightworkers and spiritual luminaries to share high frequency information and broadcast it into the biosphere, assisting planetary level ascension. We at Earth Star Network do not represent a single perspective of one lightworker, but multiple insights of many awakened beings.

Part of our mission is to circulate clear information in to the spiritual community to counterbalance the problem of disinformation and dimensional distortions. This is due to an abundance of spiritual information naturally being filtered through third dimensional (3D) consciousness for the last 25+ years.

In the run up to 2012, many people have been in 3D looking towards 5D and have naturally been working with spiritual content and matters that mirror the 3D outlook and perspective. This has unintentionally skewed 5D perspectives and has led towards the creation of a spiritual message and vision that has inevitably been partially dualistic. This can technically be described as ‘dimensional dissonance’.

In keeping with Earth Star Network’s Lion’s Gate 2012 activation of planetary manifestation, this bulletin provides a number of clear illuminations about the nature of dimensional shift written from the perspective of 5D consciousness in an attempt to begin helping lightworkers clear the transitional distortions. The bulletin describes in universal terms the spiritual basis for the information presented.”

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