The “Seer” of all Things

By Chris Bourne

“Could you have the world cast it’s judgments at you and still be at peace within? Could you watch everything you’ve toiled, strived, efforted and succeeded for ground to dust and simply leave? Could you look into the face of that 9am appointment and walk away? Could you watch as they repossess your house and know it really doesn’t matter? Could you sit in the middle of a field and simply starve knowing you’re beyond anything that is material? When you’ve fully embraced the Seer, you can do all of these things. That’s not to say you’ll have to, just that you could if you were meant to.

And here’s an important point…EVERYONE can embrace the Seer simply by making a choice to be free inside. By not allowing ourselves to be victimised by external events. By holding attention within and simply deciding to let go. There is nothing more to it than that.”

Full Aritcle

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