Self And Other Self, Getting The Right Balance

By Chris Jones

As we are all one there are two ways to think about our other selves. We can focus on service to self, or we can focus on service to other self. Both are correct in a logical sense, but the outcome for each way of thinking offers vastly different results. They are opposite polarities, and there is a whole spectrum of viewpoints in between.

Self not only represents an individual but it can also represent the groups that individuals form themselves into and define themselves by, a sports team, school, religion, city, country, ethnic group, gender, planet even.

We can focus on service to self which places the needs of the self over the needs of other self. This neccesitates a hierachical system where the self at the top keeps the selves underneath it in line. There are rules which bind the whole together. To reach the top position you must dominate other selves, reinforcing their place beneath you through fear.

We can focus on service to other self which places the needs of other self over the needs of the self. In this system there is no need for a hierachy as all selves work towards the betterment of the collective and each other. The only rule in this system is love, which is a natural law. This system works well if all are working on service to other self, but not so well otherwise.

Our current system is a mixture of both polarities and this actually helps all selves to learn about each polarity in the most intimate detail. In a mixed system it is important that we reach a balance between the polarities for the greatest good to all. In a mixed system we learn to be wise. Taken to it’s extreme service to self in a mixed system can result in the darkest of acts, including acts such as genocide as an extreme example. This extreme dark gives other selves the opportunity to explore the extremes of the service to other self polarity, sacrificing themselves, even their own lives, for the benefit of another.

There are many learning opportunities in a mixed system offering the best opportunity for the development of the individual self and the collective. With experience comes the wisdom to see that a balance between the two polarities is ideal. There should be a bias towards service to others, but the individual needs to be careful to remember their own needs so that other selves do not take advantage. By taking care of our own needs and loving ourselves we can ensure that we are in the best position to offer ongoing love and service to those around us.

©2012 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.

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