Statin Drugs Found To Accelerate Arterial Calcification

Someone close to me has just come out of hospital after a heart attack. He has had atherosclerosis for a few years now and has been on statins even longer. I have known that statins were really nasty for quite sometime and had convinced him to at least ask his doctor for a prescription for Co-Q10 which he still takes. Since leaving the hospital they have put him on even more really nasty medication and if he goes outside he now has to wear a hat and high factor sunblock (yet more nasty chemicals and no opportunity the build his vitamin D levels!). I was wondering if the statins could be causing the problem but had nothing to back up my suspicions, this article confirms my suspicions. I am pleased to say that in spite of everything he is doing well.

Statin Drugs Found To Accelerate Arterial Calcification

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