Recent Prophecies Surrounding the Olympics

Well this first post is a controversial one. We are fast approaching the Olympics and there has been much discussion over prophecies concerning so called false flag events that may be planned. I picked up on the idea of a large explosion in London many months ago, but it seems that I am not the only one who has made this prediction.

So far as prophecy is concerned you must realise that nothing is sure until it actually happens. There are many possibilities and it depends upon the thoughts and emotions of the collective as to which possibility materialises in our reality. My prediction did not come from fear and I sincerely hope that the nuclear scenario is replaced by a much more positive alternative, but you can see just by observing the scale of military involvement in the event that there are plans for something sinister. The film V for Vendetta is the best representation of what I envisioned.

I think this latest video from Bill Ballard sums up my current perspective rather well:

We should all stay positive and generate positive energy to surround this event, but there is nothing wrong with being prepared for all scenarios.

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