The Problem with Sex

By Chris Jones

Over the years men have devised countless methods of getting sex. Some involved consent and some not. Some involved agreements between two men, and some reached agreements between a man and a woman. Many involved trickery or half truths, and cooperation between brothers to implement. One thing is common to all however, all these different methods focus on GETTING sex, because very few are any longer focused on GIVING it. Brother turned even against brother.

Is it any wonder that women have felt the need to be incredibly selective when choosing a mate? Should it surprise you that women look for security as a primary desirable attribute in a partner? If a woman can see no hope that an honourable man is out there waiting for her, then it is natural that she should choose the security of financial provisions for her and her future children, and in the process discount chemistry or even overall compatibility altogether.

The trouble is that it is the combination of chemistry that decides the children, and it is the children who decide our future. When we reincarnate, the disposition for our return is to the same biological family in the same physical location. We may have a number of such families and locations that we return to. We must choose a mate wisely for the right reasons and teach our children how we wish ourselves to be taught if we would wish for a better future for ourselves. For what we have taught our children has been passed again to us in a giant game of chinese whispers. The religions we have formed have become our captors if we have failed to pass spiritual information on with integrity.

Yet there is no need to continue like this. We all have the right to chose. In many societies this right is now extended equally to both genders as was always appropriate, and the older generation has adjusted to this change. Admitting the problem is not to admit failure, but rather ignoring the issue results in repeated defeat. By admitting the problem you are allowing yourself to claim responsibility for it, offering you the chance to resolve the problem by making a different choice. When these situations come around again, see yourself empowered by the opportunity it represents to change the pattern.

©2018 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.

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An explanation of the numbers one to seven using symbols

Numbers uploaded on: July 21, 2012

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The manuscript of survival – part 396

By Aisha North

“For this is indeed a beautiful and gracefully choreographed sequence that is being enacted now, where the response and the reaction going back and forth between you and these incoming energies can almost be likened to a duet on the dance floor. It is like a well tuned couple assisting each other through a masterful piece of ballet, graceful yet full of strength and assurance, and where each partner is carefully listening to the response from the other before the next move is taken. So too it is in this, for you are not merely the recipient here, you are also very much an active partner, and so, the communication is going both ways here. For as you start to soften and open up, these incoming pulses will start to interact with your whole internal system, and the two of you will start to have an in depth conversation going on, and it will be one that will be going on for quite a while.”

Full Article

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Twin Flame Portal

By Chris Jones

I have been feeling the activation of my heart chakra a lot over the past week and have been more easily able to connect to my twin flame. This seems to be accelerating. The article below talks about the opening of a portal allowing the reunification of twin flames, this is really exciting for me. I have been holding this energy and intent since the Star of David alignment in July last year, and although it is really only a matter of months and time has passed quickly sometimes it has seemed like an eternity.

l now better understand what I saw in 2005. I went to a day that everyone else passed over, l was entirely alone. This day seemed to last for a very long time and I remember being worried I was going to get stuck there. I now understand that this day represented the time period of July 2013 – March/April 2014. This was the day that I saw what looked like comets in the sky circling in a figure of 8 pattern. I was asked if I would sacrifice myself to save the world, but it was not my own physical death l was agreeing to as I thought then. l did not know it at the time, but this was about a period of separation from my twin who I already knew well in 3D but had yet to recognise. I could hear everyone in the world saying that there was no hope, they had given up. Not me, as distressing as I found the experience I kept on telling them that there was always hope! They thought I was stupid and deluded of course, but I am not the sort of person who lets conventional thinking get in the way when it comes to matters of the heart.

I realised last week that my twin flame and I hold the energy of hope. It is simply faith that no matter how things appear in 3D and no matter how strong the separation feels, we can never be separated from our twin in reality.

l have known since September last year with a realisation that grows stronger as new information is added, that the spring Equinox is the probable time period for the reunification of myself and my twin. l do not know how this will manifest in 3D, and I know it is best not to attach myself to any particular outcome but to simply allow whatever it is to manifest in whatever way it needs to. This could of course mean the death of my physical body. My twin and I were seemingly separated by the death of his physical body, and if I have done this right there will no longer be any separation caused by the belief in death. This opens more possibilities for the reunification with my twin other than my own physical death.

So hold on tight, this will be intense and challenging, but most definitely worth it!

The Change is coming! ~ Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~

©2013 Chris Jones

Permission is given to share this article in full or in part as long as nothing has been changed or altered in any way, credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer’s website is included.

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Articles on Twin Flames

I have noticed that after quite a few months where other topics have taken centre stage, the topic of twin flames is coming up again. I am taking this as a good omen that the reunification of the world above and the world below really is close at hand now. I have just watched two videos on twin flames.

The first video I know is true, because it is what I intuitively felt on reading the title of the video and thinking about the way the reunification with my twin happened:

In Twin Flame Relationships ~Who Knows First? The Masculine or the Feminine? by Dr. Cha~zay

The second video is focused around something I saw back in 2005 but never fully understood at the time. There are levels of frequency at which this can be viewed or experienced, and this depiction represents all levels. It is the concept of watching your whole world being destroyed completely. In the depiction in the video and it is quite literal, an asteroid or similar body coming in and destroying a planet – your whole world! What I saw was the same, except that I was on the planet at the time watching from a clifftop. In my actual experience of it in 3D this is what it felt like, this twin flame stuff isn’t  always quite how you imagined it would be! The masculine energy sweeps in and obliterates what went before. The twins hold hands throughout this process. Nothing can stop this wave, not even the twins themselves and they are together, holding hands, resolute in their love for each other. The masculine clears the way for the new, the femanine nurtures the seed and feeds it until something new and wonderful is born, the rising of the phoenix if you wilk. Both may have been holding back out of fear of the destruction their love would inevitibly cause, but this is the key to the new world, the genesis of what is to come:

Beloved Twin Flame Love by Dwaine Hartman

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The Challenge of Eternal Life – Waking Times

“Eternal Life: a promise which has always seemed, well .. let’s say.. somewhat out of reach..

But then, whoever was it who told us that such a state might be attainable to Earth bound mortals?

I’m not sure — was it Jesus? And then, would any of us actually consider this sort of eternal life a blessing?  I doubt it .. maybe more the opposite, especially if this life was viewed as the template for all lives to come!

But what if it wasn’t — and some bolder vision was able to take centre stage in our lives — what then?”

Full Article

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The Bridge……Crossing to a New Reality

“I hear many people saying “I thought I had cleared this but it came up again!”. Well, yes you had cleared it but it was reactivated by the intense energy, not because it needed to be cleared again and again and again, but because this energy is intensely creative and absolutely needs to create. So if you are not creating anything new then it will simply create the old again and again.”

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Sananda, Guardian of the New Dispensation and One Who Serves in Answers From the Masters About the Year 2014

“Many were called and few were chosen, and you, those here were those that were chosen, and you look at this now, today and you wonder “why did I volunteer for this?” Yet, you know deep down within you that all that has happened, has happened for a reason and that all that has happened, you are a part of.”

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Top 13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick and Fat

By Healthy Holistic Living

“Nutrition is full of all kinds of nonsense.

The worst examples are listed here, but unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the top 13 nutrition lies that have made the world both sick and fat.”

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Yet Love is Given

Heavenletter #4793

“Real love, as opposed to attachment, is like a buffalo in its natural habitat. Buffalo have to be free to roam. They don’t need permission. Hearts are meant to be free. They do not own nor are they owned nor is love owed, yet love is given. Consider love friendliness, and be friendly to love. You don’t have to give your life away to love. You, yourself, are intact, and your love is too.”

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